LOCAD is made for ecommerce brands.


Professional Ecommerce Fulfillment. Starting from 10 orders per day. Plug & Play solution.


Multi-Channel Ecommerce Fulfillment from one inventory pool. Flexible capacity and an integrated technology platform to level up your fulfillment and deliver best-in-class customer experience.


Access a global distributed fulfillment network to scale your business. Localise your fulfillment strategy and customer experience. Customised supply chain design, hyperlocal and scalable.

LOCAD enables enterprises to strengthen their distribution networks.


Integrate your supply chain across multiple sales channels, merge fragmented stock pools, and get real-time inventory visibility across a distributed supply chain that effectively meets B2C and B2B fulfillment needs in one network.


Distributed warehousing networks make your supply chain more resilient to interruptions and improve on-time fulfillment rates. On-demand warehousing provides flexibility to manage seasonal peaks and scale up for demand surges.


Reduce transport costs and delivery lead times by moving stock closer to your customers. Get what you need, when you need.

Value Proposition


Warehouse capacity that keeps up with your business growth. Put your fulfillment on auto-scaling with a distributed warehousing network.


Flexible terms and fully variable fulfillment cost. No lock-in committments. Add new warehouse locations and capacity anytime based on your business needs.


Fulfillment simplied with one-click integration to all your sales channels. Send your stock to our warehouse and let us take care of the rest.


You are always in control . The Locad Control Tower provides real time analytics and live dashboards to track sales, order fulfillment and inventory. All your business data visible in one place. Create a smart supply chain.

How It Works


Connect your store

Connected and in-sync with all your sales channels. We have Plug&Play integration to marketplaces and shop platforms.


Store your inventory

We store your inventory in any combination of fulfillment centers and help you select ideal warehouse locations and shipping partners.


Start Selling

When the customer places an order, we automatically process and ship it from the nearest fulfillment center. Our dashboard keeps you up to date in real-time.


Benefits Of
Working With

Grow your business with smart fulfillment by Locad. Win loyal customers with faster shipping, reduce logistics cost, expand easily to new markets, and stop worrying about fulfillment while you focus on your business.

Fast Shipping

Our fulfillment centers ship orders in 24hrs. Reduce delivery time with local warehousing, by putting stock closer to your customers in Locad’s distributed fulfillment network.


Affordable fulfillment rates and 30-days free storage. Flexible terms so you only pay for capacity you need. Reduce shipping costs by placing stock closer to customers in Locad's distributed fulfillment network.


Get started fast and easy - we provide you all the tools needed to set up, manage and monitor your operations. Plug & Play integration, add a sales channel with a few clicks. Have order and inventory data sync automatically across all your sales channels. Step back and focus on growing your business while Locad does the heavy lifting in fulfillment.

Plug & Play

Looking for a certain API integration? We've got you covered. Choose from any of our pre built APIs and connect your sales channels with the click of a button

LOCAD Features

  • On-demand Warehousing
  • Last-Mile Carrier Integrations
  • Ecommerce Fulfillment Software
  • Real-time analytics
  • Distributed Inventory
  • International Expansion
On-demand Warehousing

Scalable fulfillment and warehousing capacity when and where you need it, on flexible terms.

Last Mile Carrier Integrations

Our platform integrates with leading carriers across Asia-Pacific. Preferential shipping rates and one-stop Carrier management.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Software

Locad's cloud based software acts as your backoffice for Ecommerce fulfillment. Order and inventory consolidation across multiple sales channels and warehouse locations. Integrated data and single source of truth for order, inventory and fulfillment data.

Real-time analytics

Track and manage Order and Inventory Information. Built-in analytics and easy report generation.

Distributed Inventory

Access to a wide network of warehouses. Bring stock closer to customers to shorten last mile transport costs and lead times.

International Expansion

Expand your business with an international fulfillment network with integrated warehouses and carriers across Asia-Pacific.

Distributed Fulfillment Network in Asia-Pacific

We’ve got you covered with multiple warehouse locations and fulfillment centers. With services tailored to your supply chain and logistics needs, LOCAD is fast-growing and expanding by the day.

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